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† I Am Worthy of Healing †

Today, I had some time, so I went back and read through the captions on my Instagram photos. I started this Instagram account in October of 2019. In the past couple of years, I have had few ups and downs. They say that healing isn't linear, and I can attest to that, there are days… Continue reading † I Am Worthy of Healing †


† Breakthroughs †

|It’s okay, to not be okay||It’s okay, to cut toxic people out of your life||It’s okay, to be happy again||It’s okay, to have bad days||It’s okay, to go wild with your friends||It’s okay, to fail||It’s okay, to try again||It’s okay, if you don’t like yourself sometimes||It’s okay, to be human||It’s okay, to put yourself first||It’s… Continue reading † Breakthroughs †


✨The Masochist✨

I’m a masochist to my own demise, with these broken fragments from my childhood lashing out as they plague and torment my mind. I’ve tried to wash away the sadness with drinking, but it only numbs the pain for awhile and that kind of hurt can’t be healed overnight. I’ve been chasing after things that… Continue reading ✨The Masochist✨